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About the project

This project is co-funded by the European Union

Project Title

Transformation of a traditional language school by means of business model innovation.


Erasmus+, KA2


(L)Earn & Lead

Project number



01/10/2022 – 01/09/2022


291 588,- EUR

General information

  • Context

    Traditional language schools are facing many challenges due to the transformation and digitalisation of the economy and changing customer needs. On one hand, the development of online language courses and platforms has resulted in a decline in demand for traditional language courses and the existence of online alternatives has also led to increased competition, which is reflected in a reduction in the price of traditional language school products. On the other hand, the customer, who can now choose different alternatives to online products, does not realise the value of face-to-face tuition. These circumstances threaten the long-term sustainability of the traditional language school business model.
  • Objectives 

    Our main objective is to develop a new business model for the language school, based on the transformation of the product into a language learning product with more added value, combining language and vocational training. Such a transformation allows the language school to be not only a language education provider, but to effectively link it with vocational education focused on business and personal development.

    Desired impact

    We believe that the project will significantly contribute to the transformation of the traditional language school business into a new type of business model that reflects changes in the business environment, customer demands and the challenges of the new digital era. The outputs of the project will contribute to the development and promotion of the language school business and bring new value to language school customers.

    The project will contribute significantly to the strategic activities of Tomas Bata University, Faculty of Management and Economics. The project has a direct link to the new innovative study programme Business and Business Administration, which includes the course "Business Models". Entrepreneurship, sustainability and business models are also included in the key research areas of the faculty. This allows the faculty to directly link the practical application of business models with teaching and research activities.

    The university can also benefit from the project by offering the intellectual outputs and courses of the project to its business partners, and can use the outputs of the project to improve the quality of the staff, as UTB considers itself a bilingual university and offers a number of degree programmes in English.

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