Bright future for language schools

Agnieszka Pędzimąż

“2020 – a year of unexpected change in our life, work and planning.
The pandemic world is difficult to foresee, however, as the school owner of Summit European Language Center, I can feel that all the spheres are going to be transformed. This transformation is expected everywhere. The whole world is going to digitalize almost everything: services, products, sale, education. Traditional language schools are facing similar changes.

Therefore, as the project partners and language school owners HARMONY ACADEMY s.r.o., Slovakia, PLUS Academia spol. s r.o., Slovakia, Pucko otvoreno uciliste Vinkovci, Croatia, BIEDRIBA EUROFORTIS, Latvia, Centrum Edukacyjne Feniks, sp. z o. o, Poland and the coordinator UNIVERZITA TOMASE BATI VE ZLINE, Czech Republic, we strongly believe that participation in the project “Erasmus + KA 203 Transformation of a traditional language school by means of business model innovation” will significantly contribute to the modification of the traditional language school’s business into a new type of business model. It will reflect the changes in business environment, customer requirements and challenges of the new digital era.

The main output of the project is a new business model for language schools which should be general and applicable by any language school in different conditions. Before I joined the project, I asked myself questions which helped me out with the decision:

  • What will my work and life look like in the future?
  • What will I devote my time to in the future?
  • Who will benefit from my work in the future?
  • How will the project influence my work?

Being one of the fans in the group Learn & Lead I found the answers and eventually became a partner of the international project “Erasmus + KA 203 Transformation of a traditional language school by means of business model innovation”.

I was happy to participate on November 11 and 12, 2020, at an online kick-off meeting of representatives of Erasmus + project partners, for which UNIVERZITA TOMASE BATI VE ZLINE is the coordinator.

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