Evol(o)ve or Die conference

Agnieszka Pędzimąż
EVOL(O)VE or DIE" Learn & Lead Conference 2022 was a great success thanks to all the amazing people who organized, supported and attended it. The conference ”EVOL(O)VE or DIE" was the final part and farewell to Erasmus+ Project "Transformation of the Business Model of Language Schools ". The outcome of the project are 4 excellent online courses for managers, team leaders and team members that some samples of them will be soon available for free.

When you decide to take care of others while taking care of your existence and development, this initiative is destined for success. And this is what happened to us in our next Erasmusplus project "Transformation of the traditional language school through business model innovations", led by the FaME UTB team of experts in Zlín.
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