Evolve or Die Webinar

Agnieszka Pędzimąż, Daniel Bacik and Jana Chynoradska
On 21st June, Evolve or Die webinar has just finished and we THANK all the participants who have stayed, contributed and learnt with us. In order to suceed in the practical application of the LEARN & LEAD philosophy, you approach the person with LOVE and share your needs to LIVE a happy life. We have the passion, willingness and energy to go on and spread this learning experience to as many people in the world as possible.
 The summary of the Webinar includes:
  • Quality among schools and in education
  • To work more and achieve
  • New people meeting
  • We are here but we look where we will be
  • To enjoy
  • To get clear about the message.
  • Learn more and transform
  • New teaching also is very interesting

Why do we need to change?

  • To have a better relationships
  • to be more progressive
  • everything is changing so we also need to change
  • we need to be open to a change
  • we need to follow the change if we want to live better lives, however, people naturally dislike the change

What to do need to do to change?

  • First - change the mindset of the whole organisations
  • changes are good when they take place slowly
  • too fast changes make people exhausted

How do we change?

  • by changing thinking
  • by improving our lifes
  • by educating - learning and change go hand in hand with education
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