International connection

Jana Chynoradská
Transformation is all around us and whether we are aware of it or not, we are part of it. When I initiated a project with Boris Popesko, the Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Economy and Management, UNIVERSITY OF TOMAS BATA, ZLíN, I was sure that this connection would be working!

I was happy to find other language school owners who accepted my invitation and joined us in this phase of the Learn & Lead development where we look at the essence of a language school, its business model. The project was successfully launched in November 2020 with 4 other partners from Slovakia, Croatia, Latvia and Poland.

I am excited about the next course of action with this team and enthusiastic partners! I am also convinced that we are with the right people, in the right project at the right time not only for us, but also for many other language school owners who are looking for solutions that will help them succeed in today`s rapidly changing world. Keep the vision and trust the process!

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