LL courses in progress - Partners meeting in Kraków, Poland

Jana Chynoradská
In January 2022 TPM took place in Kraków in Poland. All Partners presented their first drafts of training programmes. The LEARN & LEAD project aims at developing four innovative training programmes within the Learn & Lead Course Management structure.

These courses will be part of the LL2 (language and content, using CLIL methodology) product portfolio and the LL3 (meaning people and business development) product portfolio. Each course will have its own modules/parts. The length of each course will be 10 x 60 minutes. Each course will be evaluated by the end-of-course online test. Each course will define one of the 8 Key EU Competences they develop. Key Competences for Lifelong Learning.

The Reference Framework sets out eight key competences:
• Literacy competence;
• Multilingual competence;
• Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology and engineering;
• Digital competence;
• Personal, social and learning to learn competence;
• Citizenship competence;
• Entrepreneurship competence;
• Cultural awareness and expression competence.

Within each programme, lessons will be developed for the language level B1+, proficiency level of employees/students who can participate more fully in a wider variety of working situations. It is the range of abilities required to function in most professional situations.

These levels relate to the Common European Framework (CEF) standard for language proficiency. Before starting a course, students will be assessed against this common framework, in order to allow them participation at the course. Based on the IO1 of our TRANSFORMATION project there will be 4 different training courses developed. There are 4 teams (partners who develop courses), each to be coordinated by the Learn & Lead coordinator from Harmony.

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