New product development

Agnieszka Pędzimąż
The continuation of Erasmus+ project took place in Riga in October 2021. This time the Management Meeting focused on the Intelectual Output in which a new product development is going to be the outcome.

In order to prepare the new product, the project coordiantors from UTB presented the school's and client's perspective of language learning. At the first part of TPM the partners discussed the barriers that clients encounter when studying a foreign language.

Due to the questionnaires received from differrent clients, we found out that lack of time, boring lectures and feeling embarrassed are the main barriers. Moreover, the research showed that there are two main clients' expectations from language learning: personal development and meeting new people.

The schools' perspective based on the questionnaires showed that the attitude to teaching is changing. Schools would like to teach online or conduct courses in company where foreign languages are necessary.

The target groups that schools wish to teach are adults, high school students and pupils. What's more, the research showed very interesting point that schools and customers are aiming at one common direction which is personal development.

After detailed analisys and thorough discussion, it is time to think about the topic and area in which 4 various courses are going to be developed in blended learning.

Thanks to the research conducted among students/clients and schools, the Erasmus partners - responsible for creating the new product - already know that Personal Develpment is the main goal for new courses.

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