Pilot training courses in Croatia

Agnieszka Pędzimąż
In Croatia in Vukovar we managed to conduct our first activity C1 despite the incredible challenges related to our pilot teacher-training courses in Linguapax Language School, Croatia within the Transformation Erasmus+ project. We experienced the unforgettable moments that have helped us better understand one another, tune in and harmonize the next course of action.
The Resilience, Building Excellence Together, SMART Managerevolution and Empowering people at work innovative blended leraning courses have been given a green light and we all believe in their power and value.

They all form a new trasformational program for adult learners which will be launched in September 2022. Online, face-to-face and/or hybrid form of tuition available upon the preferences of individuals and teams from all over the world.

They are designed as new programs to strengthen the key competences of adults in the workplace. This form of education is going to be delivered in an interactive and engaging way in the form of online and live workshops.

All four programmes are new training course for managers and team leaders. The aim of the course is to learn English and give new content. This is going to be an excellant chance to practice a foreign language and and apprehend new topics.

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