Pilot training courses in Slovakia

Agnieszka Pędzimąż
In May in the beautiful capital of Slovakia there have again been conducted pilot courses in a hybrid form (previously also online) at the University of Economics in Bratislava. After two years of research on the needs of language school customers and themselves, we are in the final phase. We have created the SMART MINDSET Transformation Program, which includes four separate courses. Representatives of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Latvia and Poland cooperate in the development.
RESILIENCE - it is the cousre that shows that you can possess the ability combined with perseverance, tenacity and a strong faith to follow a vision of a happy and meaningful life. In the resilience training, you will acquire knowledge of key competencies, skills and techniques through which it is possible to achieve your personal and professional visions.

SMART MANAGEREVOLUTION - This course is based on the 9 Learn & Lead Principles of a Smart Person. Its aim is to enthuse and inspire people for change, build people´s self-confidence and self-esteem, strengthen cooperation and understanding in life. Today this training is being developed in partnership with the professional consultants from STELLANTIS company in Zavar, Slovakia.

- course helps to understand how to structure your organisation, how to inspire and lead better, develop your personal skills, or improve communication between the teams. It develops sustainable growth and eliminates mistakes or repetitive problems, and the excellence approach can help you succeed.

EMPOWERING PEOPLE AT WORKPLACE - is the training for people who believe that employees deserve to spend their work lives in respectful, collaborative, productive organizations; who want to lead and create positive change by building respectful and effective relationships in the workplace.

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