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Achieve youR goals

Empowering people at the workplace

This workshop provides professional development for:
• Business leaders 
• Emerging leaders.
• Human Resource Professionals.
• Mentors, Coaches and Leader Developers.
• Entrepreneurs leading a team.
• Individual Contributor promoted to Team Lead.


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Smart mindset

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What's included?

  • 4 modules
  • 1 certificate
  • 6 hours practice
  • 4 hours Video
  • empiric exercises

Become Empowered member of the team 

You will learn to deepen the understanding of how Alfred Adler’s principles present a timely, holistic model for businesses, how to facilitate the Team Problem Solving Steps and how to use many Positive Discipline tools in workplace situations.

Personal brand

You will also learn ways to use empowering methods of communication to promote a respectful, highly productive workplace environment

Positive Discipline Educator
who with particular commitment supports and trains owners of educational and business institutions and their teams in acquiring knowledge and competences that facilitate communication.
She supports trainers, educators and managers both during training and individual consultations attended by many people from all over Poland.
This is what she says about her work: ” I love working with people and seeing even more how my support gives effective results. My trainings provide knowledge in the field of motivational strategies, setting goals and competences in the field of effective communication, overcoming own limitations and personal development.”
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