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Did you know that resilience has more than 40% of your (un) success?
Resilience is the ability combined with perseverance, tenacity and a strong faith to follow a vision of a happy and meaningful life.

Our courses with your words

I participated in the Resilience training with Jarka. It was a fantastic experience which helped me to understand how to deal with difficult situations more easily by following some quite simple steps.
marek hlinka
This was the best course, well prepared, organised, understandable. The teacher is a real professional. It helped me to organise my thoughts and my feelings.
Gabriela Valtýni
I really enjoyed taking part in this course. It has given me the insight how simple things can affect the quality of our everyday life – both personal and working sphere.
Marijana Sunara

What's included?

  • 6 Chapters
  • 1 Certification
  • 77 tasks/activities
  • 44 Videos
  • 2 interactive sessions with a trainer

Become a resilient person

In the resilience training, you will acquire knowledge of key competencies, skills and techniques through which it is possible to achieve your personal and professional visions.


It is precisely resilience and good energy management that play a huge role in today's time of negative stress.
Meet the instructor

Ing. Jaroslava Vaculčiaková, PhD.

  • Trainer and coach in the field of communication, soft skills and leadership
  • 20 years in communication and consulting – consultancy and training for many national and multinational companies
  • Appearances in the media, at conferences and lectures at universities
  • Applies new approaches to communication and leadership - NLP, DISC, positive psychology...
Patrick Jones - Course author
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